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Józef Świstowski

Owner of IT Mates Digital

Their project delivery process is very efficient and clearly defines each step that guarantees the successful completion of any web development project. They are always my first choice when it comes to complete projects for my clients.

Analysis of your current solutions

If you are using outdated solutions, we will not hesitate to inform you about it. We will tell you what you can change to improve the operation of your business on the Internet and more.

A simple UX analysis of your current website

We will analyze your website and immediately tell you what you should change as soon as possible to increase your sales. We operate on data, not guesswork.

Selection of tools and solutions for your project

We have extensive knowledge about tools and we know their advantages and disadvantages perfectly. Thanks to this, we will select them perfectly to the needs of your business. Often the simplest solution can be the most effective. However, there are times when your business may require more advanced activities. We will advise you to go through this process smoothly.

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If you like the way we use our knowledge and experience and decide to cooperate, we will ask you a few additional questions and price your project at no additional cost.


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